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I'm a normal girl-next-door person and have a liking to a wide genre of music. Loves to read and pretty much a workaholic. So sue me,this from a gal who's motto in college was 'stress motivates me'. Anyways, enjoy.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Almost over... =)

One paper on cell bio done, tomorrow gotta hand in essay and one more paper on friday. Ahhh.....its gonna be hectic but I'm glad its gonna be over. Also 'coz I think might be coming down with the flu. And I hate being sick especially when exams are here. Poor Erin already has it bad. And I think one of my housemates might be having it, 'coz I've gotta get it from somewhere!

Unless I can blame Melbourne's weather?
I could....since there was FOG at 9am in the morning on Monday as I went to uni to sit for my paper. Don't remember winter being this cold last year. Apparently the year b4 last year was worse.....I can't imagine. Too bad no snow. =P......Almost tempted to get a heater.

Got my flight ticket today so was pretty happy. Actually distracting myself from finishing up my essay. Bad I know. But footnotes are soo not my forte.

Kay kay ...back to work....hmph