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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Thank You All!!

Firstly, thank you to everyone from Taekwando who celebrated my birthday for me. Especially Shane who got everything together and all. No wonder you started asking about cake preferences like....2 months back. You're the best Shane!!
Taekwando ppl, you guys are really really sweet! It was a good time and thank you for not getting me drunk. Tho you guys (Jeremy and Ken) did try your best to 'corrupt' me, I still think being ignorant in certain things is much much healthier.

And Ally, hahhaha.....yes yes i saw your birthday shout. Feeling much appreciated. =)
Happy Birthday to Arnold as well yea. Hopefully he didn't get too drunk.

Yang, thanks for your call! Seriously I'll be making that meal for you when I get back. Hopefully you won't be too busy with your placement job.

I'm 21 now! Can't believe time flies that fast. But I hope that the future will be as fun as the past. Kudos.See ya all back home in June!


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