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I'm a normal girl-next-door person and have a liking to a wide genre of music. Loves to read and pretty much a workaholic. So sue me,this from a gal who's motto in college was 'stress motivates me'. Anyways, enjoy.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter

It's a bit late but Happy Easter everyone!!

Had potluck at Ken's and Shane's place with all the taekwando gang. Made cannelloni and it was a success. Hehehe, I'll make it for mom n dad when i get home.
Ken made his meatloaf. It was ...... erm....very meaty....and kinda medium rare =P. But it was edible. (unlike the fuzzy pasta and garden of mould on his previous potato bake)

Went to the piano concert on Saturday night. It was AWESOME!!!!
Loved it, especially when it was accompanied by the 2 violonists! I didn't know Nobuo Uematsu actually started out as a song composer for porn vids. =P
Apparently his boss said his songs were too beautiful and wasted on adult vids. I agree!! Final Fantasy is the way to go.

Watched V for Vendetta on Monday with Jess. Another cool day with good entertainment. Loved it and will watch it again. No idea when but will soon.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Hurrah!! Easter break is coming!! That means I can finish the 4 essays that are all due on the 26th!! As if! Probably gonna get stuck with work shifts but looking at the bright side, i get money and will be able to pay rent with my own earnings.

Just can't wait 'til next Saturday. Final Fantasy piano concert going on. I miss my piano. Hope it'll be good fun. For more information go to http://www.eminenceonline.com/2006/index.php?display=pianostoriesiii . Anyone else wanna go?

I asked on msn what a vain guy can be called. Some said
sissy, gay, assholes, etc. Was actually asking 'coz needed a short and catchy title for my animal behaviour essay on peacocks. In the end I'm just gonna use 'Vanity; a sign of good health'. Oh yea, Rhi and I were talking about animal sexual selection and I was wondering why birds rarely turn gay while its almost common in mammals. Anyone know why?

Anyone wants to help me do a peer review? Would appreciate it. ONLY if you're free. No pressure. You can choose from 4 types; abortion issue, peacock essay, bryozoan larvae behaviour and cell biology signal pathways. Thanks.