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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oncomouse Essay

This essay has been driving me up the wall. It can't be debatable nor argumentative so I can't state ONE opinion but I have to talk about MANY opinions for and against this oncomouse patent.

Cut it short, Harvard inserted a cancer gene into a mouse's genome and wants to patent it. Think of patenting as a house will. And with that ownership, Harvard can 'rent' the oncomouse to anyone who wants to use it, replicate it via a license. It would have been easier if they asked me to debate whether a patent should be granted or not. But Nooooo, they wanted the social life of the oncomouse......its like that essay we're asked to write about when we were kids,...write the life of a Pen.....but this time with all the extremities of politics, science, economics and etc.....
All this for a 1000 words ESSAY!!!! Argh!!

My bad for taking up humanities subject. Thinking that it would broaden my interests in biotech. Yeah it did....but it adds on to my headaches.

And yes I'm whining...I'm entitled....sick and doing essay is NOT a good combo...tend to skip over words and slur alot.

'Tho, Ally thought the title Oncomouse was funny. Wonder why....


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