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Monday, March 20, 2006

Bruised and Stressed

Firstly I want to thank Becki for giving the lovely bruises from sparring during taekwando on wednesday. And yes its still visible (VERY) til now. I know I'm not the only one in that session that was bruised since Lilian has one with a size of a tennis ball given by yours truly Nadene. No, we in Taekwando aren't nuts. Just.....clumsy?
Gus has been sayin that I got the bruises from my non-existing boyfriend and is hinting about SM. Not that I would know anything....but i'm guessing he would. =P

Been freaking stressed, probably due PMS, plus couldn't pay my airfare home by credit card. Apparently there is a distinction between credit card accounts in Malaysia and Australia. Fudge it! Credit cards are supposed to be internationally accepted. Took 3 calls to the credit card company before they could tell me why I couldn't Bpay for my air ticket. By the 3rd call I was crying. So I thought 'The hell with credit card! I'll pay with my earnings!!' Even my dad said so. =) Which was good since one of the reasons why I started working was to pay for my flight ticket back and buy my digital piano.

Which reminds me, I missed the oppurtunity to buy a P70s Yamaha digital piano from ebay for $AUD899!!! Normal price is about $AUD999. Sigh....better luck next time. Hoping there'll be a P90 on auction at a cheaper price 'tho.

Been studyin much for Cell Bio and its a bit fun. =P
I'm a geek so what? Ulterior motive of studyin so much about it is coz there's a small test on monday morning. *mutters* So I shall go off to study now.... yays *dead*


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