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I'm a normal girl-next-door person and have a liking to a wide genre of music. Loves to read and pretty much a workaholic. So sue me,this from a gal who's motto in college was 'stress motivates me'. Anyways, enjoy.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oncomouse Essay

This essay has been driving me up the wall. It can't be debatable nor argumentative so I can't state ONE opinion but I have to talk about MANY opinions for and against this oncomouse patent.

Cut it short, Harvard inserted a cancer gene into a mouse's genome and wants to patent it. Think of patenting as a house will. And with that ownership, Harvard can 'rent' the oncomouse to anyone who wants to use it, replicate it via a license. It would have been easier if they asked me to debate whether a patent should be granted or not. But Nooooo, they wanted the social life of the oncomouse......its like that essay we're asked to write about when we were kids,...write the life of a Pen.....but this time with all the extremities of politics, science, economics and etc.....
All this for a 1000 words ESSAY!!!! Argh!!

My bad for taking up humanities subject. Thinking that it would broaden my interests in biotech. Yeah it did....but it adds on to my headaches.

And yes I'm whining...I'm entitled....sick and doing essay is NOT a good combo...tend to skip over words and slur alot.

'Tho, Ally thought the title Oncomouse was funny. Wonder why....

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Mounting flu and sore throat. Wish i had cold tablets.

Was late to work today 'coz my comp's timer was set to daylight saving....but apparently its delayed becoz of the Commonwealth Games.


Anyways was dizzy so went home an hour early from work.

Meeta came on Friday and we had dinner at Singapore Chom Chom with Maggie as well. Hainanese Chicken Rice was better than the other chicken rice place. =)

Rights....back to sleep

Monday, March 20, 2006

Bruised and Stressed

Firstly I want to thank Becki for giving the lovely bruises from sparring during taekwando on wednesday. And yes its still visible (VERY) til now. I know I'm not the only one in that session that was bruised since Lilian has one with a size of a tennis ball given by yours truly Nadene. No, we in Taekwando aren't nuts. Just.....clumsy?
Gus has been sayin that I got the bruises from my non-existing boyfriend and is hinting about SM. Not that I would know anything....but i'm guessing he would. =P

Been freaking stressed, probably due PMS, plus couldn't pay my airfare home by credit card. Apparently there is a distinction between credit card accounts in Malaysia and Australia. Fudge it! Credit cards are supposed to be internationally accepted. Took 3 calls to the credit card company before they could tell me why I couldn't Bpay for my air ticket. By the 3rd call I was crying. So I thought 'The hell with credit card! I'll pay with my earnings!!' Even my dad said so. =) Which was good since one of the reasons why I started working was to pay for my flight ticket back and buy my digital piano.

Which reminds me, I missed the oppurtunity to buy a P70s Yamaha digital piano from ebay for $AUD899!!! Normal price is about $AUD999. Sigh....better luck next time. Hoping there'll be a P90 on auction at a cheaper price 'tho.

Been studyin much for Cell Bio and its a bit fun. =P
I'm a geek so what? Ulterior motive of studyin so much about it is coz there's a small test on monday morning. *mutters* So I shall go off to study now.... yays *dead*

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Summer over and Semester starts

Yes I haven't updated my blog for a very long time. So sorry I apologize (enough yang?). But grovelling for forgiveness is not my cup of tea when its not all that important.
Been working almost everyday during the hols and had a summer course up in queenscliff. Busy busy busy. Hehehe. Well below are some pictures I took and are my favorites. Looks like postcards but I seriously did take it. No kidding. =P

The Queenscliff Pier. Many of the fishermen there were Italian I think. This was one of the spots I went snorkelling at to find Bryozoan samples for my Experimental Marine Ecology project. The water was cold and I wasn't wearing a wetsuit!! Let's just say I went for a dip instead of a long swim.

This was taken when Shauna, Rhianan and I decided to take a walk to the beach after being stuck in the lab for the entire day looking at larvaes under the microscope. It was definitely a nice day to go for a walk.

This was taken during a morning walk before going to the Marine Sanctary for labwork. Its a picnic spot right next to the beach and Citizen's Park. Love the way the sunlight added effect to the whole scene. Behind the trees there's this huge building and looks very castle-like. Apparently its a hotel that only rich people can afford I guess. Looks very intimidating from the outside. But what I would give to have a look at the interior. Caught a glimpse of the garden and it looked very zen.

Lately been going for taekwando training but still a bit sluggish. No idea why. Been so inactive for such a long time and its taking too darn long to get back on the edge. But the turn out at the club this semester is overwhelming and thats good news. Thanks to the members who did a great demo on O week.

The semester has started and everyone is bombarded left and right with assignments. Its scary that my essays are all due before the holidays. Aussies seem to want to use the hols to enjoy while I wanted to take time to do the essay. lolz. Such a difference. Animal behaviour subject was interesting and we have video tutorials. Of course it wasn't all that fun watching a robin attacking a dummy male robin. It was pretty traumatic for some of us. Didn't know that robins were that....urm...ferocious. Maybe has something to do with being descended from dinosaurs. *shrugs*

Yups thats all I have to say for now. 'Till the next time. Adios. By the way, my collegue is from Colombia, I should start picking up some Spanish from him. And some Creoul too since I've been bumping into Mauritius people alot. Its cool how they have their own language and on top of that, learn French too. Cheers Meeta and good luck with your dental practise.