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I'm a normal girl-next-door person and have a liking to a wide genre of music. Loves to read and pretty much a workaholic. So sue me,this from a gal who's motto in college was 'stress motivates me'. Anyways, enjoy.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Almost over... =)

One paper on cell bio done, tomorrow gotta hand in essay and one more paper on friday. Ahhh.....its gonna be hectic but I'm glad its gonna be over. Also 'coz I think might be coming down with the flu. And I hate being sick especially when exams are here. Poor Erin already has it bad. And I think one of my housemates might be having it, 'coz I've gotta get it from somewhere!

Unless I can blame Melbourne's weather?
I could....since there was FOG at 9am in the morning on Monday as I went to uni to sit for my paper. Don't remember winter being this cold last year. Apparently the year b4 last year was worse.....I can't imagine. Too bad no snow. =P......Almost tempted to get a heater.

Got my flight ticket today so was pretty happy. Actually distracting myself from finishing up my essay. Bad I know. But footnotes are soo not my forte.

Kay kay ...back to work....hmph

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Thank You All!!

Firstly, thank you to everyone from Taekwando who celebrated my birthday for me. Especially Shane who got everything together and all. No wonder you started asking about cake preferences like....2 months back. You're the best Shane!!
Taekwando ppl, you guys are really really sweet! It was a good time and thank you for not getting me drunk. Tho you guys (Jeremy and Ken) did try your best to 'corrupt' me, I still think being ignorant in certain things is much much healthier.

And Ally, hahhaha.....yes yes i saw your birthday shout. Feeling much appreciated. =)
Happy Birthday to Arnold as well yea. Hopefully he didn't get too drunk.

Yang, thanks for your call! Seriously I'll be making that meal for you when I get back. Hopefully you won't be too busy with your placement job.

I'm 21 now! Can't believe time flies that fast. But I hope that the future will be as fun as the past. Kudos.See ya all back home in June!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter

It's a bit late but Happy Easter everyone!!

Had potluck at Ken's and Shane's place with all the taekwando gang. Made cannelloni and it was a success. Hehehe, I'll make it for mom n dad when i get home.
Ken made his meatloaf. It was ...... erm....very meaty....and kinda medium rare =P. But it was edible. (unlike the fuzzy pasta and garden of mould on his previous potato bake)

Went to the piano concert on Saturday night. It was AWESOME!!!!
Loved it, especially when it was accompanied by the 2 violonists! I didn't know Nobuo Uematsu actually started out as a song composer for porn vids. =P
Apparently his boss said his songs were too beautiful and wasted on adult vids. I agree!! Final Fantasy is the way to go.

Watched V for Vendetta on Monday with Jess. Another cool day with good entertainment. Loved it and will watch it again. No idea when but will soon.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Hurrah!! Easter break is coming!! That means I can finish the 4 essays that are all due on the 26th!! As if! Probably gonna get stuck with work shifts but looking at the bright side, i get money and will be able to pay rent with my own earnings.

Just can't wait 'til next Saturday. Final Fantasy piano concert going on. I miss my piano. Hope it'll be good fun. For more information go to http://www.eminenceonline.com/2006/index.php?display=pianostoriesiii . Anyone else wanna go?

I asked on msn what a vain guy can be called. Some said
sissy, gay, assholes, etc. Was actually asking 'coz needed a short and catchy title for my animal behaviour essay on peacocks. In the end I'm just gonna use 'Vanity; a sign of good health'. Oh yea, Rhi and I were talking about animal sexual selection and I was wondering why birds rarely turn gay while its almost common in mammals. Anyone know why?

Anyone wants to help me do a peer review? Would appreciate it. ONLY if you're free. No pressure. You can choose from 4 types; abortion issue, peacock essay, bryozoan larvae behaviour and cell biology signal pathways. Thanks.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oncomouse Essay

This essay has been driving me up the wall. It can't be debatable nor argumentative so I can't state ONE opinion but I have to talk about MANY opinions for and against this oncomouse patent.

Cut it short, Harvard inserted a cancer gene into a mouse's genome and wants to patent it. Think of patenting as a house will. And with that ownership, Harvard can 'rent' the oncomouse to anyone who wants to use it, replicate it via a license. It would have been easier if they asked me to debate whether a patent should be granted or not. But Nooooo, they wanted the social life of the oncomouse......its like that essay we're asked to write about when we were kids,...write the life of a Pen.....but this time with all the extremities of politics, science, economics and etc.....
All this for a 1000 words ESSAY!!!! Argh!!

My bad for taking up humanities subject. Thinking that it would broaden my interests in biotech. Yeah it did....but it adds on to my headaches.

And yes I'm whining...I'm entitled....sick and doing essay is NOT a good combo...tend to skip over words and slur alot.

'Tho, Ally thought the title Oncomouse was funny. Wonder why....

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Mounting flu and sore throat. Wish i had cold tablets.

Was late to work today 'coz my comp's timer was set to daylight saving....but apparently its delayed becoz of the Commonwealth Games.


Anyways was dizzy so went home an hour early from work.

Meeta came on Friday and we had dinner at Singapore Chom Chom with Maggie as well. Hainanese Chicken Rice was better than the other chicken rice place. =)

Rights....back to sleep

Monday, March 20, 2006

Bruised and Stressed

Firstly I want to thank Becki for giving the lovely bruises from sparring during taekwando on wednesday. And yes its still visible (VERY) til now. I know I'm not the only one in that session that was bruised since Lilian has one with a size of a tennis ball given by yours truly Nadene. No, we in Taekwando aren't nuts. Just.....clumsy?
Gus has been sayin that I got the bruises from my non-existing boyfriend and is hinting about SM. Not that I would know anything....but i'm guessing he would. =P

Been freaking stressed, probably due PMS, plus couldn't pay my airfare home by credit card. Apparently there is a distinction between credit card accounts in Malaysia and Australia. Fudge it! Credit cards are supposed to be internationally accepted. Took 3 calls to the credit card company before they could tell me why I couldn't Bpay for my air ticket. By the 3rd call I was crying. So I thought 'The hell with credit card! I'll pay with my earnings!!' Even my dad said so. =) Which was good since one of the reasons why I started working was to pay for my flight ticket back and buy my digital piano.

Which reminds me, I missed the oppurtunity to buy a P70s Yamaha digital piano from ebay for $AUD899!!! Normal price is about $AUD999. Sigh....better luck next time. Hoping there'll be a P90 on auction at a cheaper price 'tho.

Been studyin much for Cell Bio and its a bit fun. =P
I'm a geek so what? Ulterior motive of studyin so much about it is coz there's a small test on monday morning. *mutters* So I shall go off to study now.... yays *dead*